Three of them, and a video game have arrived in the usual cardboard box mailed by Amiami.

This is my first time trying the combined orders deal. I am quite happy with the reduced custom fees. They were 97 euros. I would have added about 15+GodKnowsWhat euros for each extra package if I did not combine them in one order.

Price consideration aside, I have to say that my purchases satisfied me.

The first one is Patchouli, Kourindou version. As you have noted in the link, this is sold out, for very good reason.

Griffon Enterprises are hit or miss when it comes to figure quality, but this is the only company that releases touhou figurines of characters that don’t enjoy the popularity of Flandre Scarlet or Patchouli. However, the Patchouli who were already on the market just did not do it for me. They emphasised too much on the moé side of Patchouli. To me, she was the deadpan and serious bookworm who have problems with thieving rodents. This is why I chose Kourindou Patchouli. Her serious, deadpan, expression conveys the Patchouliness of Patchouli.

Yes, they even put writing on her book. Too bad this is not the Necronomicon.

Yes, compared to her fellow SDM members, she is very SHORT.

Next one is Komachichi, the lazy shinigami.

The box containing her is BIG.

Her chest is quite big as you can notice.

Now, the last but not the least. Saber Extra, who is not Arturia.

My phone camera cannot do justice to her. But I tried anyway.

Perhaps the one shot I am proud of, knowing my amateur skills. Saber Extra’s Glorious Backside. It’s okay to ogle, she is leeting you see.

Glorious Saber Extra’s legs. It’s okay to stare, she is letting you see.

Unfortunately, this shot is not as good, it’s the less blurry of the shots I have taken of her. I have yet to get better at handling the photo function of my phone.

Yes, it is a mirror stand, you can remove the reflective sticker as it is shown in the manual. But why would you do it if she is letting you see?!

And I end with this

Best thing to come out of Vietnam ever.

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